Business Flyer Design

DM Larkin Flyer Design

DM Larkin designed and built homes in the South Central PA region that consisted of high end communities. They had the attention to detail and layout that one would expect to find in other areas outside of Central Pennsylvania. Sales were going well, but after doing some market research, they were aware they had no brand image in the public’s eye. We created a newspaper based print campaign for communicating the joy of being a homeowner and their personal approach to working with their clients.

Sales spiked to a point where DM Larkin’s competing builders began stealing their signage at exits off of the highways. This led to a new
element of their branding and marketing campaign: We concepted and designed a 40 foot billboard that poked fun and also got
media coverage in local newspapers with the headline “Our competitors were stealing our signs so we made this one a little bigger.”