I have worked as a freelance designer for over 15 years now. There were periods where this was combined with full-time employment, but my love for design has always led me to prefer freelancing. I am looking to join the Visual Design designers network to further grow my client base.


Aside from the obvious – freedom with your creativity, flexibility with your schedule, etc. – remaining a freelance designer has allowed me to work with a diverse array of clients. Although I have ‘regular’ clients, new projects are constantly arriving. Nothing remains the same, becoming stagnant.


But this has not just been a winning situation for me. Companies that utilize freelancers and marketing consultants benefit greatly. First, they often seek out a consultant because the consultant is an expert in the field. They know more about marketing and design, and can typically accomplish the goals faster. Second, the company often saves money by utilizing freelancers. Companies also have the flexibility of utilizing the freelancer on an as-needed basis.


I have been fortunate to be able to experience many aspects of the marketing world. At this point in my life, everything seems to have fallen into place. I am able to offer companies a variety of services – from print design to complete web development. I enjoy taking on small projects such as logo designs to larger projects such as branding campaigns.